Summer & Picnic Parties

Hugo's Gourmet Catering is here to serve all of West Palm Beach and surrounding areas with all of your affordable summer & picnic party catering needs. 


Fourth of July, graduation parties and summer picnics are special times of the year when all of the Southern Florida areas get into party mode. By choosing Hugo's Gourmet Catering you will be able to treat your guests to the very best in party food and service.

When all you need is food, no service staff, we offer affordable, casual "Invisible Chef" or "Drop Off" catering for a smaller Party, Company Party, Retirement Parties, Birthdays, Wedding Reception or Rehearsal . . . any catered event imaginable. Please select your Menu Items and we'll handle the rest.


Rentals of tables, chairs, china and more can be arranged for your convenience. Complete beverage services are also available.


Phone or text Hugo at 561-512-8376 or if you prefer email Hugo's Gourmet with your questions. Please use our Contact Us Today form to ensure our availability.

phone or text:  561-512-8376  email:  Hugo's Gourmet  contact:  Contact Us  office phone:  561-881-5667 

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Chicken Rollatini
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